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I Need to Write About Skinny Jeans More Often

Last spring I wrote a blog about how I scored a pair of skinny jeans on the clearance rack at Urban Outfitters in London. They were only 5GBP!!! Even with the exchange rate that is a phenomenal deal. The funny thing is I have two pairs of skinny pants (those jeans and a black pair of skinny pants) and both have been purchased at that same Urban Outfitters on that same clearance rack on two separate trips to London. And it’s not like I go to London every other weekend– I’ve only been twice in my life!

So why am I bringing up the topic of skinny jeans again? I have to be honest. For some reason that skinny jeans blog has been giving me 95% of my blog hits. So I decided to write again about skinny jeans to see what would happen.

But just so you don’t feel robbed for taking the time to read this blog about skinny jeans when it turned out to be a search engine ploy, let me give you a little update about the skinny jeans. I didn’t wear them all summer. Can you imagine having heavy denim that close to your skin in 108 degree heat? No thank you! But since it has gotten cooler I have rocked them out a few times. But then I started to wonder, are skinny jeans still in style? If you know, please enlighten me.


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