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The Kindness of a Reality Star

Amy Parham's New Book, Coming Out in January

We seem to have quite a few reality stars in the Upstate of South Carolina. Maybe every community has quite a few these days. But I just had to tell you about my experience with former Biggest Loser contestant Amy Parham. Amy not only agreed to be in the November issue of Belle Magazine (a local women’s magazine I write for), but she also took me up on a random request this week.

You see, my friend Tonya loves The Biggest Loser. She just spent a week at The Biggest Loser Ranch in Utah (even though she doesn’t need to lose weight!). Since Tonya’s 30-something birthday was Monday I asked Amy if she would call her up and wish her a happy birthday. Lots of celebs would have just hit delete on that email but Amy was kind enough to agree.

So on Monday she called up Tonya (a police officer in California) and wished her a happy birthday. Amy’s husband and fellow Biggest Loser contestant Phil also got on the phone. Tonya seemed to enjoy the birthday greeting and called me right after squealing with excitement. So thanks Amy for making Tonya’s birthday even more memorable and for making me look like a good friend!


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The Seven Day Challenge: Drink Lots of Water

I have a confession to make. Even though I’m passionate about bringing clean drinking water to the eight billion people in the world who don’t have it, I have a hard time choking down the stuff. Sure a tall glass of ice water is great on a hot day or during a workout, but when I’m just sitting at my computer a glass of water does not sound appealing. When I do drink water it’s usually because I’ve flavored it with kiwi strawberry fitness powder or because I’m too cheap to pay for a drink at a restaurant.

Yesterday I got a really bad headache and I started to wonder if it’s because I’m dehydrated. So I decided to put myself to a seven-day test. I’d do what people have been telling me to do for years– drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Here goes nothing.

Day 1: My head was still pounding so I thought a workout might help get my blood flowing. I easily downed the first eight ounces while on the elliptical. I filled up my water bottle again and tried to drink it as I got ready for the day. I made it through about half the bottle. I made myself some breakfast and purposely chose wheat toast so I’d be able to drink more. I made herbal tea which I’m permitting myself to substitute for plain old water. I chugged another eight ounces with my toast. Now I’m feeling really full. As the day went on I drank another glass of tea, and carted my water bottle with me to Spartanburg for a writing assignment so I could finish two more bottles. I had a nice dinner at La Bastide, chugging water the whole time which I’m pretty sure also saved me boat loads of money.

Day 2: Started the day with a ten mile run so drinking the first two bottles was easy. I’ve slowed down since then. I came across an ironic freebie deal. When you buy Dr. Murad’s new book The Water Secret you can score $200 worth of free Murad products. I used Amazon gift cards I earned through Swagbucks to buy the book for free. Judging by the book blurb it sounds like Dr. Murad doesn’t think drinking eight glasses of water a day is as effective as getting water from fresh fruits and veggies. I think I’ll have a salad for lunch, but I’m not sure how much water that equals so I’ll keep drinking. Finished the day with an organic tea. I think I fell one glass short.

Day 3: Woke up thirsty for some odd reason. Downed one glass right away. Drank another late-morning and logged a third with a mug of hot tea. Got my fourth in around lunch but now it’s dinner time and I realized I’m only half way through my challenge for the day. Ugh. Better get chugging.

Day 4: Started the day downing two glasses before breakfast. Working my way through another glass and a half before lunch. I’m definitely noticing a decrease in the amount of food I’m eating. I just can’t fit it all in so I guess that’s a good thing.

Day 5&6: I think I did pretty well over the weekend. The hubs and I ran a 20-miler on Saturday morning so I drank almost a full days worth of liquid during the three-and-a-half mile run. I also chugged lots of water and tea throughout the weekend. I did have a little soda, but I figured as long as I was consuming enough water that would be OK.

Day 7: The last day has arrived. I started off with a big glass of ice water which has become the norm for me lately. I also treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate a fun announcement. I finished the day out with more tea, water and milk which I’m not sure is a substitute for water.

The week started off a little rough, but the more water I drank the easier it became. I think I notice a slight change in my skin. It looks a little more fresh, but I also did have a facial last week and I am trying some new skin products so that could be part of it. I’d say I have felt fuller while eating less which is always a good thing. Even though my seven day challenge is over, I’ll definitely continue to drink more water. And not just because I’m too cheap to pay for another beverage option.

Photo courtesy of gfrphoto

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My Aha Moment Has a Shot at Fame

Back in June I signed up to shoot my “Aha Moment” through Mutual of Omaha’s national bus tour. They visited lots of cities around the US, allowing people like me to share a positive point in their life that really stands out. For me, that was not only starting the traveling journal as a way to stay connected with my long distance friends, but also the moment when I realized I wanted to help other long distance friends launch their traveling journals, which is why I started TheTravelingJournal.com!

We just found out that my Aha Moment is one of 75 finalists competing for a national ad! This first round of voting goes until October 15 at which point, the pool will be narrowed to the top 25 most popular ads. Will you take a moment and vote for our video? There is no registration required– it’s literally one click! There is one vote allowed per computer (or phone!) so please help us spread the word! We are a new business and we think this could be a great opportunity. THANK YOU!

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Latest Obsession: Madmen

Don Draper, Season 4, Episode 8

I haven’t written much on The Honeymoon Phase lately. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to report. In the last month we’ve put our house on the market, juggling showings and open houses. Several friends have had babies, I’ve attended showers for others. We hosted a wedding shower which meant preparing a meal for 18, decorating and planning games. I started a sign language class, got a promotion and Tim hired a new employee. Plus we celebrated three years of marriage and are training for a marathon.

But in between busy work schedules, a full social calendar and keeping our house clean we’ve become completely obsessed with Madmen. We borrowed season two from the library, then bought season one so we could catch up. By then we were totally hooked and watched season three on our way to and from Seattle at the end of July. Now we’re caught up and watching season four as it unfolds Sunday nights on AMC.

I’m already addicted to New York City, so that’s one draw of the show. I also have a great appreciation for good writing and there’s no doubt that Madmen is an amazing example of great writing. And then there’s the fashion– snug sweaters, proper updos and pumps– I love it all. Watching Madmen is like reading a really good book. The characters feel like friends and the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are so familiar to me it’s as if I’ve walked the halls. I’m totally going to buy my husband a skinny black tie and ask him to comb his hair to the side.

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Another Golden Girl is Gone

We can sing theme song by heart and those of us that love The Golden Girls are sad to see another one leave the world. Now Rose, the air head from St. Olaf, Minnesota, is the last remaining Golden Girl. Who doesn’t love the slutty southern belle Blanche Devereaux with her hilarious quotes like this one:

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Dogs are Funny

Dogs have such personality. Maybe that’s why I try to rescue them all the time. Our newest shelter dog is Milo, formerly known as Zippo, we like to think of him as The Situation from Jersey Shore in the form of a dog. He’s such a boy. He grumbles at noises, picks on his brother and occasionally eats poop. (YUCK!) I found him hanging out in the recycle bin a few days ago.

Milo in the Recycle Bin

And just like The Situation, Milo is incredibly protective of his family. He loves to sit on the back of my chair while I work (he’s only fallen off once) and every morning he sneaks into our bed for a little snuggle. Some times I catch him sleeping in really weird positions.

That Can NOT be Comfortable

My husband and I are consistently finding lost or stray dogs. A couple of weeks ago I was running down a busy street and two doggies decided to join me for my morning jog. One of them had a collar so I was able to walk him off the main road and his big companion followed. Thankfully the little guy had a tag for a nearby vet’s office so they were able to connect me with the boys’ frantic mother. While we waited for her to arrive I snapped this adorable shot of Gus sitting on Jet.

Gus Using Jet as a Sofa

It was obvious they were best buddies. I think Gus probably convinced Jet to go on a little adventure that morning, but they were both happy to see their mom and I was glad I played a little part in the reunion.

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How Do you Celebrate a 31st Birthday?

How about by rollerblading a marathon? I turn 31 tomorrow so I decided I wanted to do something I’ve never done before– rollerblading a marathon. I thought it was going to rain, but I think we’ll get a mostly dry day.

We thought about going to the beach to relax, but plans changed when we found out we were going to New York City in about a week. We’d rather save our dollars for shopping in SoHo.

Cool art from Coulson Macleod.


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