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Handmade Travel Art for the Nursery

In just over nine weeks our little bundle of joy should be arriving! I think we have the important stuff ready to go. In fact, all you really need to bring your baby home from the hospital is a car seat. Beyond that, it’s all just icing on the cake, but I love frosting so I’ve been pulling together lots of little details in the nursery. The “theme” for Sam’s nursery is travel, a passion of my husband’s and mine. A while ago I came across this adorable embroidery art by Etsy artist Jennifer Allevato.

embroidery art

She also does these lovely state art pieces that I fell in love with!

state art

Using this as my inspiration I decided to try making a few of my own. I made one of Iowa (where I’m from), one of Ireland (where Tim is from) and one of South Carolina (where Sammy will be from!). I used fabric scraps from my collection. Vintage buttons from a huge stash that my mom gave me last summer mark the exact location of home (Sioux City, Belfast and Greenville).

nursery embroidery art

They’re definitely not as good as Jennifer’s but I think they turned out pretty cute. I think I paid less than a dollar for each embroidery hoop and everything else was free which makes my total investment in this art project about $3 and a couple of hours. Plus they are handmade by me which makes them even more special, right?


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Cool Art for Less Than $10

My house lacks art. I’ve got a few cool pieces, but there are way more empty walls than there should be. Several years ago my mom gave me an oil painting of Jesus she got an auction for probably about $10. My mom’s always giving me stuff she bought at auctions. The painting is beautiful, but looks more like it belongs in a museum than my Ikea-filled house. Plus it’s got a big hole in it. However, since I was scared it may be worth like $60,000 and because it’s a picture of Jesus I never got rid of it. I’ve just been storing it, hauling it from home to home, attic to attic.

Well a couple of weeks it dawned on me that it’s in a really cool, big wooden frame which I could easily put to use. So the hubby and I went to Home Depot, bought a $6 piece of wood underlayment and went to work. Here’s the finished product, proudly displaying Proverbs 25:11:

Our New Dining Room Artwork

We think it turned out pretty cool, especially since neither one of us is what you would call an artist. I wrote a how-to post if you’re interested in making your own custom artwork. So the frame may not hold a painting of Jesus anymore, but at least it’s still proclaiming the Word of God!

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Our Art Project: An Entryway Wall Tree

Inspired by this cool tree wall sticker we found at 2modern.com, my husband and I decided to try a frugal version. Rather than fork over $127.75 we used some tape, leftover paint and a little creativity to make our own wall tree for about $5.

Our inspiration from 2modern.com

Our inspiration from 2modern.com

First we made a stencil using painters’ tape. It took a little work to make the rounded branches.

Wall tree outline

Wall tree outline

Then we used a clear glaze to paint over the entire tree. This made the edges really crisp.

Painting our tree

Painting our tree

We followed up with the leftover dark gray paint we had from painting our gym and living room ceilings. Once we took off the tape that created the branches and trunk we used homemade stencils to make leaves. We painted the leaves in the same way as the rest of the tree.

The leaves of our wall tree

The leaves of our wall tree

We finished up by adding some $.50 hooks we picked up at Lowe’s and our tree is complete! Let us know what you think!

The finished product-- our wall tree

The finished product-- our wall tree


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