About This Blog

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while. But what will I write about, I thought. Asian cooking? Long distance running? Modern art? Too narrow. Too boring. Too ignorant. Long, long ago a writing professor taught me that you should write what you know. And right now the biggest part of my life is my marriage. So, ta da! A blog topic emerged, overflowing with interesting material and abounding entertainment. I’m calling it “The Honeymoon Phase” since it’s all about my first year of marriage.

I told my husband about the idea. “Should I be scared?” he asked. “Will you write about personal stuff?” “If it’s funny enough,” I said. Which means yes. It could get personal. But don’t worry, babe. The Honeymoon Phase won’t last forever.


4 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Alli Alarming

    Hey! This is a pretty cute site im dateing right now and its like a puppy love stage *haha*! By the way beautiful wedding dress!

  2. tealadydarla

    Don’t be so sure of that. I’ve been married 14 years this March, and I’m still in the Honeymoon phase.

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