About My Work

I am an Iowa State University journalism graduate, whose career began as a television reporter, working in newsrooms around the country. In 2007 I stepped away from the camera to pursue freelance writing full-time. Besides writing, I’m also a passionate entrepreneur.

In 2010 me and three friends took a decade-long tradition and turned it into an online retail business. TheTravelingJournal.com launched selling handmade journals and supplies to promote long distance friendship. Soon we found ourselves on the front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Lifestyle section and interviewed on The Today Show because of our unique story.

A regular contributor for REDBOOK magazine, I often end up telling the stories of other amazing entrepreneurs. I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband Tim and dog Milo. We love working out and watching Shark Tank together.

Visit my website www.AlisonStorm.com.

You can check out my writing on these websites:

The Bargainist- named one of the top 100 blogs of 2007 and 2008 by PC Mag!

Ultimate Coupons


I also write for these magazines:

Belle Magazine

Business Black Box

Town Magazine


I also handle publicity for:

Ambassador International

The House of Bachelorette


One response to “About My Work

  1. Hello… your blog was posted on the wordpress homepage and i was interested in reading your thoughts about jason’s ridiculous change of mind last night… what i found was a comforting reassurance that someone thinks just like i do. this is the first season i watched the bachelor from beginning to end… and quite frankly, im mad at the show. and at jason. i was frustrated when he let stephanie go. and then kari (for no reason at all). and then jillian because i thought she was the best choice out of the top 3. and then what he did last night to melissa, although it was no surprise, was the ultimate and extreme of his stupidity this season. however, im so glad at the remarks melissa made while he was breaking up with her. she finally said what i believe every woman in america was thinking.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. im sure i will visit your blog more often as some of your other writings have attracted my interest.


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