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The End of the Honeymoon Phase

I started this blog over three years ago as a way to chronicle my life as a newlywed. It was such an exciting time in my life and I wanted to share it with the world. I’ve had some exciting moments and some tough ones. I watched as my little blog got hundreds of hits in one hour after my post on bachelor Jason Mesnick was put on the front page of WordPress. I’ve used this blog to organize charity outreach events and promote causes. But the busier my writing career has become the more difficult it has been to find time to write here. So as part of my 2011 action plan I’ve decided to put an end to the Honeymoon Phase. Yes, I still love my husband and yes, he still gives me butterflies, but I need to put my focus elsewhere.

I realized that much of what I’m writing about here would be perfectly acceptable content for one of my other blogs. So if you want to keep following The Honeymoon Phase just head to one of these blogs: This is my professional website and blog, but starting this year I will include a little bit more of my personal side. For instance, my latest post features a photo of my new nephew Beck and a video of what’s happening at my Greenville office while I’m away in Seattle. Sign up for the feed here. This is my personal finance blog. I write several others, but this is the only one that I own. This year I will be revamping the site and putting more of my energy into this blog. I realized that a lot of my posts here on The Honeymoon Phase had to do with saving money and couponing so now those posts will be found at Sign up for the feed here. This is a new business started by a few friends and I. There are some incredibly exciting things coming up for us this year so be sure to follow our blog to stay on top of that! Subscribe to the feed here. You can also like  us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for reading, commenting and being a part of my life through my blog. I hope to see you on my other sites! And you can always tweet me or find me on Facebook.

The End


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