Dogs are Funny

Dogs have such personality. Maybe that’s why I try to rescue them all the time. Our newest shelter dog is Milo, formerly known as Zippo, we like to think of him as The Situation from Jersey Shore in the form of a dog. He’s such a boy. He grumbles at noises, picks on his brother and occasionally eats poop. (YUCK!) I found him hanging out in the recycle bin a few days ago.

Milo in the Recycle Bin

And just like The Situation, Milo is incredibly protective of his family. He loves to sit on the back of my chair while I work (he’s only fallen off once) and every morning he sneaks into our bed for a little snuggle. Some times I catch him sleeping in really weird positions.

That Can NOT be Comfortable

My husband and I are consistently finding lost or stray dogs. A couple of weeks ago I was running down a busy street and two doggies decided to join me for my morning jog. One of them had a collar so I was able to walk him off the main road and his big companion followed. Thankfully the little guy had a tag for a nearby vet’s office so they were able to connect me with the boys’ frantic mother. While we waited for her to arrive I snapped this adorable shot of Gus sitting on Jet.

Gus Using Jet as a Sofa

It was obvious they were best buddies. I think Gus probably convinced Jet to go on a little adventure that morning, but they were both happy to see their mom and I was glad I played a little part in the reunion.


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  1. Terrific picture of your dog pile! My dogs love each other so much, they’d be unhappy to be alone. Companion dogs are the bomb!

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