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How Do you Celebrate a 31st Birthday?

How about by rollerblading a marathon? I turn 31 tomorrow so I decided I wanted to do something I’ve never done before– rollerblading a marathon. I thought it was going to rain, but I think we’ll get a mostly dry day.

We thought about going to the beach to relax, but plans changed when we found out we were going to New York City in about a week. We’d rather save our dollars for shopping in SoHo.

Cool art from Coulson Macleod.



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My Hometown (Sioux City) Was Built on Rock and Roll!

When my friend Melissa sent me the link to this video she edited I thought it was amazing! Only Melly could get veteran news anchors, the city manager and macho police officers to lip sync to an 80’s Jefferson Starship song. Sure, Comedy Central may think this video ruined the Internet, but I think it rocks!

If you like that one, make sure you watch this other video Melissa edited featuring us and three other friends. I think it’s equally fabulous, but I’m pretty sure it won’t go viral like We Built Sioux City on Rock and Roll did. Good job Mel!

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Love This Book

Have you read it?

I can’t tell you how many books I’ve started and been unable to finish because of my low tolerance for bad writing. But this one I devoured. And I know it’s good because sometimes I still visit the places Kathryn Stockett writes about in my mind. The only thing I don’t like about this book is the cover. But I guess that’s OK because I’ve been sucked in to a bad book by a great cover quite a few times.  And this time it was the writing that kept me hooked.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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A Collection of Yellow Accessories

I think it was probably this inspiration photo from Southern Living Magazine that sealed our decision to go with a gray and yellow color scheme for our new master suite.We’re doing a similar sliding door for our bathroom.

Inspiration Image from Southern Living

Gray is a prominent color in the rest of our house so it will definitely flow well. I’m now in the process of tracking down some great yellow accent pieces. These rugs would look great in the bathroom.

Yellow Bathroom Rugs from West Elm

And I could definitely see this rug somewhere in the main room. It’s from CB2.

Yellow Rug from CB2

And I’m thinking this yellow West Elm chair would be great to go with the new desk we got there. But I may just end up spray painting a chair we already have.

Yellow West Elm Chair

We plan to keep the same bedding we currently have. It’s chocolate brown and I think it will look great. But this accent pillow from Target may make a nice addition. It’s only $19.99.

We already created some custom artwork using leftover wood and spray paint. But we could definitely use more. I love this print from

Adorable Blanca Gomez Print is Only $30


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Attic Conversions: Not as Easy as it Sounds

I tend to be overwhelmingly optimistic. Even when I’m standing at the bottom of a mountain, getting to the top always seems easy. I don’t see the potential road blocks. I am not easily discouraged. I just go. I know I haven’t always been like this but I think my faith combined with years of pulling seemingly impossible stories together on ridiculous time frames has programmed my brain to believe everything will work out. I tackle the issue without worrying about the details. Normally this attitude serves me well.

But when it comes to the task of converting our attic into a master suite my optimism has been tested. So far we’ve failed every initial inspection but one. I learned that despite what you see in design magazines chandeliers are not allowed in walk-in closets. And just because one project is done doesn’t mean you can cross anything off your to-do list. It usually means you’ll have to add a few more things on.

The good news is I think we are finally getting to the fun part– pulling it all together. We just picked up this cute desk at West Elm for $57 and some little yellow accessories.

Regularly $299 We Saved 80% on a Floor Sample

I think we are just about done writing huge checks to plumbers and electricians and air conditioning guys. The tile is in and the vanity is built. The paint will go up next weekend and with a little more hard work we should be moving up to our new room by the end of the month. That will give us about two months of living in it before putting the house on the market.

It has always been our plan to sell our home after two years, but most people can’t grasp this idea. They all say the same thing– “don’t you want to just enjoy it for a while?” The truth is I have been enjoying it. I love seeing the transformation. I get a sense of accomplishment watching a smelly space that used to be inhabited by squirrels become a beautiful new room. And I think I’ll probably enjoy the money we hope to make off of this project, too. So despite its problems, I’m still feeling optimistic about home renovation.

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