Model for a Day: A Magazine Photo Shoot

My four best buddies came into town for a whirlwind trip that included a photo shoot for a magazine. More details will come, but for now I’ll just show you what we wore.

Our Five Outfits

All of the clothes came from local boutiques including Hampden Clothing, Augusta Twenty and The Runway. We were so pressed for time that I had to borrow the clothes from the stores so that my friends could select their outfits at my house on Sunday, the day before the shoot. These stores let me walk out with over $10,000 worth of merchandise so we would have exactly the right thing to wear. Many of the photos were taken at my home, but we also hit downtown Greenville for a different look.

In Falls Park for Our Photo Shoot

If all goes well one of the 1200 shots that the photographer captured will be hitting newsstands in a May issue. I’ll keep you posted!


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