Before and After: Organized Office Shelves!

I spend the biggest majority of my waking time in my home office. I love the room. It’s bright, modern and most of the time, pretty organized. However, I noticed recently that the shelves behind my desk were getting super cluttered looking. See what I mean?

The Cluttered Shelves that Tower Over Me All Day

So yesterday I decided to do something about it. I took everything off the shelves, stuffed those ugly orange tin shoe boxes in the closet, and created a new way to keep all of my coupons organized. (I’m always printing and clipping coupons at my desk.) I also subscribe and buy a lot of magazines so the two black and white holders I had were stuffed. I decided to make a new one rather than try to buy one that matched or coordinated with the ones I already owned.

A New Place for All of My Copies of Redbook

You probably can’t tell but that box is actually a large flat rate box from the Post Office that I got for free! No I didn’t defile government property. I just recycled a box I had written a wrong address on, painting it with chalkboard paint. That way if I decide to put other magazines in there besides Redbook I can just wipe it off and relabel it! Here’s the finished, organized shelving:

Ahh, Much Better!

Not sure if you can see it in this picture, but I also painted a tin can (you know, the kind that hold vegetables) with chalkboard paint. I wrote “biz cards” on it because I’m using it to hold business cards from networking events. Before they were floating around my desk drawer. I’m not sure how long my organized shelves will last, but for now I’m enjoying them.


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