New Sinks and Faucets for Our Master Suite

Tony, our contractor, says the drywall should be complete by the middle of the week which means we can begin the fun part of picking out fixtures and colors. This weekend we ordered two sinks and two faucets which will go on the vanity that Tim is building. The sinks and faucets came as a set from

The Kraus Rectangular Sink and the Bruno Faucet

Since the faucet shares the same name as our min pin we took that as a good sign. While other sites sell this set for $400, we picked it up at for less than half that. They sell them for $219.95 with free shipping, but we bought them in two separate transactions and used a coupon code to take $15 off each. We also bought them through which means we’ll get an extra 4% cash back. (If you’re not signed up for, do it now and never shop online without heading their first!) In the end, we paid about $197 for each set which I think is a great deal for some really nice looking fixtures. These will really give our custom vanity a high-end look.


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  1. Nice Inf & Pics. Greetz from indonesia!

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