The Framing is (Pretty Much) Complete

The framing of our attic is complete… at least I think so. Right now we are waiting for an inspector to show up to approve the work that’s been done. We failed our first framing inspection because the framing around the chimney did not have a two-inch space in between the brick and the wood. It wasn’t that big of a deal though and the contractor fixed it in a few hours.

The Chimney Will Remain Exposed

One of the features I love about this space is that the brick will be exposed. I think it will give it some character. Although the room has so many great angles that it already has a lot of character.

Looking into the Area Where Our Bed Will Be

And of course the room’s other incredible feature will be the walk-in closet. It’s framed in right now so you can see just how big it will be. You’re looking at the door going into the closet. I haven’t had a closet this big since I was in middle school!

Standing Outside the Walk-in Closet

The next step will be getting the drywall installed. If all goes well that will be happening next week. After that we’ll be painting and Tim will be installing the trim. The electrical and HVAC will be wrapped up. We’ll also be moving forward with the bathroom. You can probably tell we aren’t in a big rush, but we’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration. We found this bathroom on a blog that we LOVE. It’s from a home in Virginia.

Our Inspiration Bathroom

The homeowner had a carpenter build vanity and I think it’s gorgeous! It has character and I think Tim is going to try building one, too!

Our Inspiration Vanity from Southern Exposure

I would like ours to have two sinks, but other than that I think it’s great! The gray color would really be perfect for our home and flow well with the scheme of the downstairs. We’re not sure when all this will be wrapped up, but we’re having fun getting there.


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  1. It looks like it’s coming along SO nice!! I wouldn’t know the first thing about HVAC and electrical pompoms, but you guys are like experts! Can’t wait to see the progress 🙂

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