Curtains Completed After More Than a Year

It’s not completely my fault that it took more than a year to get curtains up in our living room and dining room. Do you know how hard it is to find curtain rods and curtains on a budget? With six windows to do up it was not an easy task but I’m happy to say I accomplished it for just over $200– that’s $33 for each window’s hardware and curtain. We ended up finding the last six of these Crate and Barrel curtain rods for just $13 each.  My inspiration for the curtains were these lovely two-toned pieces from West Elm. They’re $100 each for the size I would have needed:


West Elm Curtain

Beautiful West Elm Curtains

I bought the light gray fabric at a really cool sale in Iva, South Carolina that happens once a month. It’s at an old textile mill and they’ve got thousands of kinds of fabric to choose from. I think it was only $5/yard. They dark gray velvet portions of the curtain (at the top and bottom) were curtains I found on clearance at Target for $13 each. I was only able to find three of them (despite enlisting every family member around the country to search their local Targets) so I cut them up so that I could include a velvet section on each curtain.


LR Curtains 2

One of Six Curtains in the Living Room and Dining Room

I’m just so happy that this big sewing project is complete and that we finally have a little more privacy from the outside world.







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4 responses to “Curtains Completed After More Than a Year

  1. those are gorgeous, ali! you did a fantastic job

  2. These look great! I love them!!

  3. Very Nice! Your an inspiration!

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