The Beginning of Our Attic Remodel

I have a dream that one day my attic will no longer be a dusty haven for squirrels. The smelly insulation will be gone. The bathroom will be complete. And I’ll have the biggest walk-in closet I’ve ever had. But right now that’s a dream. Here’s what our attic looks like at the moment:


Nov 4 2009 2

The Attic: Before

The bathroom was roughed-in when we bought the place. But there’s still a lot to do before it will be the relaxing retreat we have imagined.



This is Where our Vanity Will Go

We are making some progress though. The electrical work has been started. We had 15 canned lights installed so there will be recessed lighting in the bedroom and bathroom. The walk-in closet will have a chandelier.


Nov 4 2009 6

Progress! Canned Lights are In Place

Today we’ll get all of the old insulation sucked out- goodbye dust! Goodbye squirrel poop! Goodbye nastiness! To get ready for this to be done we had to clear out some old junk including this giant attic fan that sat where our walk-in closet will eventually be. We did make some interesting finds including an old oil lamp shade, a bed frame and about two dozen printing plates from 1939 issues of The Greenville News. Maybe we can sell some of this stuff to pay for part of the project. 😉


Nov 4 2009

Getting Rid of the Giant Attic Fan

So stay tuned for more progress in our great attic renovation adventure!











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3 responses to “The Beginning of Our Attic Remodel

  1. Progress! I can’t wait to watch your progress!

  2. How fun! And what great finds! Can’t wait to follow the progress!

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