Welcome to the Family Ruby!

I realized I have not formally introduced the newest member of our family. Here she is– Ruby!


She literally ran into our lives back in October. I was heading to Walgreens on the Vespa to buy a newspaper on a Sunday night and she ran in front of me. I quickly pulled over and managed to persuade her to come out of the street, but only after two other cars nearly hit her. I promptly scooped her up since she had no collar and she was happy to be held. Nobody recognized her despite going door-to-door and driving around the neighborhood. She has no microchip and no one answered our posts on three different lost and found websites so I guess it’s official– Ruby is now part of our family. It’s funny because this is very similar to how Bruno came into my life nearly nine years ago.

Ruby 3

She loves to sleep and won’t get out of bed until Tim starts making his oatmeal which he shares with her every morning. She’s now started doing what we call “the oatmeal dance” because this seems to be one of her favorite parts of the day. She adores walks and riding in the car and laying next to you on the couch. We love her huge velvety ears and thick neck and the fact that she snores. The Humane Society estimates she’s six-years-old and a mix between a Chihuahua and a Daschund. And the best part of all is that Bruno seems to think she’s pretty cool, too.

Ruby 2


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