News of the Greenville Twestival Reaches India

twest loc 1Here’s the thing about being a freelance writer, yes the hours are flexible and yes you can wear sweats every day of the week if you want, but a downside is some months are gangbusters and some months are like January at the local mall. For me the August work load was a little on the light side and I’m not someone who can sit around watching What Not to Wear for hours. If I have one slow-paced day I’m contemplating the real value of my existence. It’s just not pretty. I have a keen awareness that our days are numbered and I don’t like wasting any of them. I’m telling you all this so you’ll understand why I felt the need to undertake the planning of an entire fundraiser in just three weeks. Work was slow. I read a blog about Twestival Local. I signed up to coordinate the one in Greenville.

A group of London Twitter users launched Twestival a year ago. They wanted to combine Twitter with making a difference in the world. Their first big event was in February when they raised money for Charity:Water, an amazing organization bringing clean water to third world countries– a mission that is VERY close to my heart. In one weekend Twestival raised $250,000– enough to dig 55 wells in Uganda, Ethiopia and India. Six months later they created Twestival Local. Cities– hundreds of them– all over the world will have Twestival Local events on the same weekend, September 10-13. This time the money will go to a local cause. So that was my first task– taking in charity nominations and letting the community vote on them. Eleven charities were nominated. Thirty-five hundred votes were cast. Miracle Hill Boys Shelter received the most votes.

Another charity nominated was Hydromissions, an organization I love. The founders of Hydromissions, Steve and Jen Lorch worked hard to rally support and get votes. They sent emails around the world– including one to India to a volunteer named Penke– asking for his vote and his prayers. Unfortunately Penke didn’t get the message in time before the voting cut off, which Penke seemed to take particularly hard. Here’s the email he wrote that Jen forwarded to me:

Greetings to you in name of jesus christ.  i am much eager to know of voting.I am very grief  for not helped  others for voting to hydromission from india.becuase our regions not much having internet connection.and not knowing of internet use.

we have two internet connection(public) in our home town.if we go from our home town to interior or coastal ,atleast we dont have facility of phone also.

That’s why i did not do best to hydromissions by computer voting.

If the postal mail voting i would have done thousands to hydromissions from our pastors and churches.

I am very greif of this situation for not helped to hydromissions. The hydromission did best serivce in india by bore wells project. kindly forgive me for not helped to hydromissions for computer voting.our people are not much forward in all things.

I hope you would understand our situation .

Thanking you


It feels good knowing someone so far away was so concerned with our little event here in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s obvious that Penke has a huge heart and would have done anything to support Hydromissions. While the GreenvilleTwestival is only two weeks away and many details still need to be finalized, I only hope that people in our own community step up to support Miracle Hill’s Boys Shelter with even a fraction of Penke’s passion. Our days are numbered so let’s not waste any of them. As someone once said, being good is commendable but only combined with doing good is it useful.


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