Awesome Deals for Our House

This was THE weekend for good deals! On Sunday I saved over $100 on my grocery bill at Publix. That was a record for me as far as amount saved. It equaled out to about a 63% discount because I got about $160 worth of groceries for $59. My receipt is about three feet long! Saturday we spent pretty much all day shopping in Charlotte. After months of searching, we found two things we had been looking for. First of all, we got two new chairs for our front porch at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney. They sell West Elm furniture and we got two of these cute wood-slat chairs, with a cushion for just $60 each!

Our Cushions are Gray, Matching our Front Door

Our Cushions are Gray, Matching our Front Door

You can still get the chairs on the West Elm website for $169, plus another $24 for the cushion. The other exciting deal we found were curtain rods for our dining room and living room. For the past year we have been living in a fish bowl with just a sheer blind from Ikea shielding us from the world. I bought fabric to make curtains back in April, but haven’t been able to find decent, affordable curtain rods. I need six of them, so I was dreading how expensive it might be. Thankfully I found these cute little guys at Crate and Barrel.

The Long-Awaited Curtain Rod

The Long-Awaited Curtain Rod

They are regularly $49 but we picked them up for $14 a piece, which made the entire purchase less than $100. That’s about what you would spend on curtain rods at Wal-mart or Target, and I’m sure these are better quality. Plus they are different which was important to me. That means we spent $276 on items that would have cost us $840! That’s an overall savings of 68%! Can you tell I get excited by a good deal?


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  1. Tim

    This makes me smile =)

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