I’m a Celebrity Christian! Get Me Out of Here!

I'm a Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!

I'm a Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!

It’s our latest summer addiction: I’m a Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here! It’s a new reality show on NBC that put a bunch of semi-celebs into the Costa Rican jungle. Whoever lasts the longest gets a bunch of money for their charity of choice. Two of the celebs are Heidi and Spencer Pratt of The Hills, a reality show on MTV. Speidi, as they’re known in Hollywood, have found God and after Spencer was baptized in the river by Stephen Baldwin (I’m not making this up!) he seemed to be a transformed man. Speidi constantly prayed, read their Bible and praised the Lord. They even announced to the clan that they were fasting in order to have spiritual clarity because the devil was attacking them.

I'm a Celebrity! Praise God!

I'm a Celebrity! Praise God!

I’m a Christian and so were the other three people I was watching this with. On one hand we cringed at some of the things Heidi and Spencer were saying, wondering what kind of damage they may be doing to those sitting on the fence about Christianity. On the other hand, I wanted to admire the fact that they were on fire for God and that He was the one being praised on this network program, not Buddha or whoever. We agreed that while Spencer and Heidi seemed to be missing the theological mark a bit, the show’s editors could have been making their Christianity seem more off the wall than it really was.

It also struck me that Sanjaya, a former American Idol contestant, seemed to be the one with a true heart of a servant. Always cheerful, he was constantly looking for ways to help his fellow jungle-mates. He even quietly listened to a distraught Janice Dickinson, giving her a hug as she cried over a scary challenge that involved being locked in a tank with alligators.

I guess it just proved that as Christians we have to find a balance between demonstrating our faith and throwing it in people’s faces. Since we’re all sinners that can be difficult, especially for reality celebs whose words are being chopped up and reassembled in an edit bay.



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5 responses to “I’m a Celebrity Christian! Get Me Out of Here!

  1. The last paragraph is so true.

  2. I havent been watching but have seen comercials on this show. Intresting I am sure the editors make it look a little worse for ratings, I guess we can just see how it plays out!!

  3. Nice info, useful for me… thanks very much… 🙂

  4. Did you see last night how they were keeping track of how many names all the celebs dropped? That was cracking me up.

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