Answer a Triva Question, Get Letterman Tickets

The hubs and I are heading to NYC next week. It’s the final hurrah for our 25/30 celebration and I can’t wait! Yesterday on my way to the salon I got a call from the David Letterman Show. “Are you still interested in tickets?” they asked. “Heck yes!” I replied. “Call this number, ask for Paul. Oh and, you’ll have to answer a trivia question correctly,” they told me.

Trivia? To be honest I almost never make it past the opening monologue. But I do love Letterman. My hometown of Sioux City, Iowa served as the Late Show’s home office for years because our CBS affiliate wouldn’t carry the show. Thanks to Dave, our little town was kind of put on the map for a while.

So after my hair appointment I went home and crammed for an hour.

What temperature does Dave set the thermostat of his studio? 58 degrees.

What color is Alan’s hair? Orange.

Who is his stage manager? Biff Henderson.

What is Dave’s son’s name? Harry.

After soaking in all I could I called Paul. And got his voice mail. For the next four hours I nervously awaited his phone call. When my cell finally rang Paul asked what day I’d like to attend the show. I picked Wednesday thinking maybe he forgot about the trivia question. “Great,” he said. “But in order to get the tickets you have to answer this question correctly.” Oh no, here it was. My make-it-or-break-it moment. “Rupert Gee owns a business around the corner from Dave’s studio. What type of business is it?” Paul asked. I know this, I shouted internally. “A deli?” I responded. “That’s right!” Paul exclaimed.

So now I’m headed to the Late Show next Wednesday. I’ll be sure to bring a sweater since I know the studio will be chilly and maybe I’ll even pop in to the Hello Deli.


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