I Have a History of Being Green

earth-dayHappy Earth Day everyone! This has always been a great holiday for me. Back in the late 1980s my mom and I would rally my elementary school into going green by forming a plastic milk jug recycling competition. This was long before curbside recycling came to Sioux City, Iowa. Each class collected the jugs and the winning grade got a pizza party. Of course, my class always won because no one was as passionate about collecting recyclables than me.

In middle school I was the founder and president of the East Middle School Earth Club. We collected change after lunch and used it to buy up plots of rain forest in some far off country. We even got permission to plant a beautiful tree on school grounds. It was a very formal ceremony from what I can recall. Unfortunately, a few years ago I drove by where the tree was and it had been cut down. But that didn’t stop me from being persistently Earth friendly.

I’ve been known to dig my roommates’ water bottles and pop cans out of the trash so they could be recycled. I insulate my hot water heater. I almost always remember to bring reusable totes to the grocery store. I turn the water off when I brush my teeth.  And today, instead of organizing a jug recycling competition in celebration of Earth Day, maybe I’ll ride the Vespa for my errands rather than the SUV.

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One response to “I Have a History of Being Green

  1. amwirth1

    my son, who is very politically minded ,came home saying that he was not going to celebrate EARTH DAY. His reason….the liberals. It took some talking, but I convinced him that God did in fact create the earth and everything in it, and that alone was reason to celebrate ! Maybe he will be green now, too.

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