South Carolina TEA Party is a Success!!!

About 500 Attended This TEA Party

About 500 Attended This TEA Party

Two moms were chatting at their kids’ elementary school when the conversation got political. That discussion turned to action and so the Simpsonville TEA Party was created. It wasn’t politicians. It wasn’t Washington’s heavy hitters. It was two moms. That’s how hundreds– over 2,000 in fact– of these TEA Parties got their start. It’s a grass roots movement for regular people like me to get together so our voices can be heard. Washington won’t hear me. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll hear hundreds of thousands of people like me who are sick of overspending.

One of the TEA Party Organizers

One of the TEA Party Organizers

President Obama spoke today about how his administration has passed tax cuts for working Americans saying, “We’ve given tax relief to the Americans who need it and the workers who have earned it.” But what about the fact that for 2010 Washington plans to spend over 50% MORE than the money it has? What about the fact that by 2019 it will cost $800 billion just to pay the INTEREST on the money Washington is borrowing? You can’t tell me to be happy because you’re cutting taxes while you’re spending billions of dollars you don’t have. CEOs are getting axed for losing billions of dollars. Now if you ask me it’s time for massive layoffs in Washington.

Great Signs at One South Carolina TEA Party

Great Signs at One South Carolina TEA Party

At today’s rally, attendees were asked to whip out their cell phones and call the White House and the Capitol. We were told to ask for our Representative Bob Inglis’ office. A Capitol receptionist transferred me and when the staffer answered I explained who I was an why I was calling. “Who are you trying to reach?” the man asked. “Representative Bob Ingles,” I said. “Oh, you were transferred to Representative Engle’s office,” he explained. Rep. Engle is a democrat in New York which explains why the staffer was confused by a phone call from a South Carolina resident. He tried to transfer me but the phone lines were jammed. So unfortunately Rep. Inglis didn’t hear from me today, but I think he heard from plenty of other people and the message is clear: We’ve been Taxed Enough Already!!

If you want to get involved, stay in touch. Text “TEAPARTY” to 74362 on your cell phone. You’ll get access to mobile petitions, issue alerts, news of critical meetings in your area and other important information.


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