Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale: What a Relief

Jon and Kate Plus 8 in Hawaii During Season 4

Jon and Kate Plus 8 in Hawaii During Season 4

I’ve never pretended to be cool. OK, maybe I’ve pretended but I’ve never succeeded. That’s why I have no problem admitting my slight obsession with Jon and Kate Plus 8. With respect to my husband’s wishes, I record the new episodes Monday night and watch them on Tuesday while I eat my lunch. After seeing teases for the season finale last week that eluded to the fact that Jon and Kate were having serious marital problems I told my husband I was nervous.

“Don’t tell people that,” he told me.

“I can’t help that I get attached to reality TV stars!” I replied.

So here I am admitting that I was slightly anxious over what would happen in the finale. I’m happy to report that even though the producers wanted you to think they may be splitting up, the issues were actually over whether to continue the show or not. Kate says she’s loving her life right now while Jon could do without all the fame and attention.

Will they be back for season five? That’s the big question. And one more thing I have to be nervous about.



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4 responses to “Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale: What a Relief

  1. Gail

    Where would they be if they didn’t have this show?
    Ticks me off he did so much complaining last night on the season finale. Would you have your nice clothes, vehicle and million dollar house if not for the show? I think not. I personally hope there is not a next season. We can do without how unhappy he is. Blah blah blah.

  2. Tim

    Girl, you are on fire with these Reality TV commentaries! Good stuff. You make me wanna watch. And yes, we Wallers have been known to settle into a little Jon and Kate.

  3. sandy

    I do agree that they have a big head. I knew that with the lifestyle that they have now, It would be impossible to stop their earning potential so soon. I also dislike her stupid haircut with that bang hanging on her face like a Bat Wing. She is going around on TV shows doing recipes that she is such a talented cook. There are too many of them already (mean professional ones). Only the people who idolize them, that would be people with a lot of little kids want to see how she copes and manages to go thru the day. I follow yahoo answers and the groupies in there for that show nauseate me.

  4. Ava

    My thought is, if you are sick of the show, don’t watch it. There are hundreds of other channels available. For those of us that enjoy the show, we will continue to watch as long as it is on t.v. I think they are very nice people and good parents. Their kids are very well behaved and loving, so that speaks for itself. Not many people could handle eight kids as well as they do. As far has having a show of their own, very smart on their part, as it helped with their income, which I am sure is important with so many kids. Also, not the only reality show anymore with a big family, so what is the beef. Sounds like jealousy to me.

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