After the Final Rose Part 2: Bachelorette Comments Vs. My Blog’s Comments

Against my better judgement I tuned into “After the Final Rose: Part 2” last night on ABC. I figured I better since my blog Five Things I Learned from Watching Jason Mesnick on the Bachelor had thousands of readers and dozens of comments. Here is how I would sum up ninety-five percent of the comments and reactions I read about the Bachelor finale: Jason Mesnick is a J-E-R-K.

I expected to hear similar sentiments from the former bachelorettes and audience members on “After the Final Rose: Part 2.” But when I tuned in I heard things like “Jason did the right thing,” “Jason followed his heart,” “At least he didn’t wait until they were married to break it off.”

Why was the only person speaking the heart of America the DUDE that was in the audience!? He said it right when he called what Jason did “unacceptable.” Now that sounds more like some of the comments I received here at The Honeymoon Phase:

  • LuLu said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself! Jason is a moron. Thanks for a great post!”

  • rlevisman said, “As a man, husband and father to both a boy and a beautiful little girl, I can only hope she never falls for a jerk like Jason. I watched the show on and off, but did not get really into it. I’m so glad now! Jason was a total A@#..He tore that poor girls heart out on national t.v.”
  • annespeelman said, “What a great post! I didn’t even watch the bachelor and I was appalled! What a jerk!”
  • ModernDayMarta wrote, “I pretty much 100% agree with you. I stood up for Jason over the past few weeks as his admirers diminished to just a few and now I’m completely off the bandwagon myself. I live in Dallas and I hope to see Melissa out sometime so I can buy that girl a drink!”

But in my continual search for the positive, there are a few people that were extremely happy by what they saw on After the Final Rose: Part 2. Those who love Gillian are probably feeling pumped about the May 18 premier of The Bachelorette. And clothing company Express is pretty jazzed over the fact that Molly was wearing one of their dresses. It’s the cotton sateen tube dress and for just $69.50 you can look like Molly Malaney!

Shannon, a contestant on the Bachelor

Shannon, a contestant on the Bachelor

And for my final word before closing the book on the Bachelor Jason Mesnick and moving on to more important things (heck touching up my French manicure seems more important) I just want to say none of this would have happened if Shannon would have made it to the final two!


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One response to “After the Final Rose Part 2: Bachelorette Comments Vs. My Blog’s Comments

  1. Alanna

    If only he chose Shannon..

    We had alot of fun watching it with you guys, even though Jason is a total ass.


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