Excuse Me Ma’am, Is This Your Tampon?

I just had an incredibly embarrassing moment at Publix that I thought you might find funny. I was just running in to pick up some ground turkey for dinner. I used the express line because I only had one item. Since it was just after 5pm, the store was pretty busy with shoppers stopping in to pick up dinner-making materials. The cashier was a middle aged brunette that looked as if she was nearing the end of a long shift. Behind me were several men, likely on grocery-finding missions for their wives.

Moments after swiping my debit card a young grocery bagger ran up to my position in line, leaning down to pick something off the ground. “Ma’am, you just dropped this.” In his hand was a single packaged tampon. I’m not sure if the kid knew what it was when he leaned down to pick it up. Maybe he realized too late.

“Uh, no, that’s not mine,” I said. And that was the God’s honest truth. I did not recognize that tampon. I looked over at the line of men holding their purchases. “Liar!” they seemed to shout at me with their eyes. “You just don’t want to claim that tampon!”

I quickly grabbed my receipt as the giggles took over my body. Oddly no one else thought this tampon incident was funny. But hopefully you do, too.



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4 responses to “Excuse Me Ma’am, Is This Your Tampon?

  1. Mg

    I think I would have turned bright red 🙂

  2. I think I was in my mid twenties before I felt completely comfortable buying feminine products. I use to avoid male cashiers whenever I had to make those purchases. It is funny that my husband got use to buying them for me so quickly. His motto, it just means a have a woman in my life : ) I think it’s funny and I hope that I would be able to laugh it off like you did.

  3. So Funny! Thanks for the Laugh!

  4. cuppapoint

    A tampon incident happened to a colleague of mine. She dropped her piece on her way to the washroom and right before the 4 of us who happened to be chatting in the corridor! I turned bright red when I came to the realization that it was a tampon and not a cigarette as I had thought (this girl is a smoker)! Needless to say, her face was red as a tomato.

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