Top Ten Moments of 2008

It’s New Year’s Eve! I figured this would be a good time to highlight my personal top ten moments of 2008. Here they are:

10. Meeting James Blunt in the Atlanta airport on the way to London. No, I’m not a huge James Blunt fan, but it was just a cool moment.

James Blunt and I

James Blunt and I

9. JJ and Alanna’s Charleston wedding. There were floods and near-death experiences. What more could you ask for?

8. Melly and Al’s Iowa wedding. It was beautiful and crazy, just like Melly herself.

Melly and the girls

Melly and the girls

7. Buying Frankie the Vespa. This was a dream come true for me and my husband.

Frankie the Vespa

Frankie the Vespa

6. Indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. That trip was filled with many cool moments, but this was one of my favorites. It was our present to my dad for his 60th birthday and I think it was a memory we will all treasure.

5. Standing at “the point” in the Outerbanks. It’s a place where several currents come together, creating a point in the sand. It was a beautiful day with great friends.

4. Eating our year-old wedding cake on our one-year anniversary. The cake didn’t taste that great, but the moment was fun.

3. Moving into our new house. Sure we only moved across the street, but we completely renovated the main floor in a matter of weeks.

Our New House

Our New House

2. Crossing the finish line of 2 Wheels 4 Water. My husband and I drove over 2200 miles on Vespa scooters to raise money and awareness about the world water crisis and the work of an amazing organization called Hydromissions. Crossing the finish line felt like an amazing accomplishment.

Standing at the Finish Line

Standing at the Finish Line

1. Driving along the coast of Northern Ireland. It was a stunning day and I loved seeing where my husband grew up. We got lost in the countryside, slid down a hill in sheep poop and crossed a scary rope bridge. That’s what makes this the number one moment of 2008.

A Beautiful, Rainy Day in Ireland

A Beautiful, Rainy Day in Ireland



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2 responses to “Top Ten Moments of 2008

  1. tim

    I just got around to reading this post. 2008 was quite a year for you! Here’s to an even better ’09.


  2. Not a big James Blunt fan either, but he opened up for Sheryl Crow this year and was an impressive performer. Who knew!

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