My Thanksgiving in Vegas

We spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. Looking back on it, it seems a little odd to spend a holiday that’s all about family in Sin City, but that’s what my mom wanted. It was her idea to plan a surprise trip to Vegas to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. He thought he was going to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see my sister, but at the airport found out he’d be going somewhere he’s never been: Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay in Vegas

Mandalay Bay in Vegas

What he didn’t know until he opened the door to suite 5335 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was that both of his daughters and their significant others were there to celebrate with him. Overall the trip was great.

Wearing "Larry" masks at dad's surprise party

Wearing"Larry" masks at dad's surprise party

For his 60th I decided to get my dad a new experience. What better way to mark the move into senior living than with an indoor skydiving adventure? My sister’s gift was tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil show “Beatles Love.” It was AWESOME. I loved every second of it. We ate our Thanksgiving meal at The Wynn’s buffet. I won a total of $90 during two trips to the same giant slot machine. And I got in some Black Friday shopping at Caesar’s Palace.

Dad and Tim suiting up for indoor skydiving

Dad and Tim suiting up for indoor skydiving

My dad called yesterday to thank me again for the trip. He said it was his best birthday ever. He said he’ll plan a trip there for my 60th, too. Only 30 years to go!


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One response to “My Thanksgiving in Vegas

  1. Thank you, that’s a sweet story about your family.

    Vegas is not where you usually hear that kind of story coming from. Thanks for posting!

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