The People of Greenville, SC are Just So Darn Nice

When my sister was visiting from Seattle a couple of weeks ago she kept saying, “the people here are so nice. It makes me nervous.” It’s true. Greenville, South Carolina has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. When I first moved to town four years ago from Fort Myers, Florida the contrast was startling. I would go to Starbucks for coffee and leave with two new friends.

This morning I walked my blind min pin up to my neighborhood Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. It’s the perfect day for one. I’m sure a lot of dog owners would simply tie their pet up to a chair on the patio and run inside to get their drink. I don’t do that anymore. You see, my dog has crazy separation anxiety. If I leave him outside to quickly run in and get a drink he’ll cry as if someone is pulling out his fingernails. Everyone inside the coffee shop will start whispering, “who’s dog is that? Is he ok?” Sometimes I announce, “he’s mine. He’s ok, he just has separation anxiety.” Sometimes I just ignore him and pray for a fast barista and no small talk.

Venti Starbucks

Venti Starbucks

But now that he’s almost completely blind I don’t feel right leaving him alone. I imagine that would be pretty scary for him. So today I asked a lady going inside if she would get my drink for me. “My dog is blind and he gets scared when I leave him,” I explained. I’m sure in many towns, in many states that wouldn’t have garnered much sympathy. Not here. The lady gladly took my $20 bill and headed inside with my order: a tall pumpkin spice.

So as I sat outside it struck me: I just gave a stranger a $20 bill and nothing in me is worried that she won’t bring back my change along with a nice, hot drink. It also struck me that that probably isn’t normal in most places. So a few minutes passed and Amanda (her name was written on my coffee cup) returned with a VENTI pumpkin spice. “Oh you got me the big one!” I said. Amanda explained, “I ordered a tall and this is what they gave me.” See– just another reason why Greenville, South Carolina is such a beautiful place.



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3 responses to “The People of Greenville, SC are Just So Darn Nice

  1. Hey there, Alison,

    We talked a little bit back when you went on your scooter ride, and I just saw a post I thought would be right up your alley and one that you might want to help spread the word about. It’s a challenge to the blogging community to help buy 50,000 shoes in 50 days. ($5 buys two pairs.) You can read all about it here:
    And you just might like Anne’s blog, too.

    Sounds like life is going well for you, now that the honeymoon phase is over. Hope the fun’s just starting!

  2. Funny you’ve started following Anne on Twitter. I actually met her a few years ago through my best friend who happens to be an old girlfriend of Anne’s husband. Random, huh? But she brings awareness to a lot of good topics and causes. (I’m not on Twitter, btw.)

    Thanks for the Christmas idea. Sounds like fun, and I might do that for our neighbors!

  3. Steph

    I LOVE this story! I really enjoyed my visit to Greenville and it makes me feel good that you live in such a great place with SUCH NICE PEOPLE! I wish the people here in Seattle would take a clue from the people of Greenville! That way the beauty of the people would match the beauty of the surroundings here in Washington State!
    As always, I’m really enjoying your Blog!

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