Tag Sale Find: The Ball BQ

This Saturday my sister and I went to a tag sale not far from my house. The owner had the most amazing hat collection: fedoras in every color, floppy beach hats, pillbox hats. Unfortunately my big head only fit into one. But I bought it and it’s super cute. I also snagged two really cool purses. One is brown leather with a western detail and the other is a burgundy suede clutch. Both are perfect for fall.
But it was my sister that made the best score. I was looking at 30-year-old sheets still in their original packaging when she ran over whispering, “I found something good.” I followed her into a back room and under an old patio set was a box. Inside I saw bright orange pieces of metal. “It’s a grill, never used,” she told me. It was marked $20 so my sister bought it.

Ball BQ

Ball BQ

We took the Ball BQ home and investigated. It’s a Canadian-made grill, produced in about 1970. One of these was actually used on the set of That ’70’s Show. It is perhaps the coolest grill I have ever seen. And if it weren’t worth about $750 I might just buy it myself! We listed the grill on Ebay and she’s already tripled her money, but we are hoping it will go much  higher. Now that’s a good tag sale find!

ball BQ

ball BQ



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6 responses to “Tag Sale Find: The Ball BQ

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  2. Larry

    hey you dont want to sell that on ebay…you want to sell it to me…..I had one of these and i backed over it with my truck…a very sad day….please email me if you have it….

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  5. bob r

    i have one unassembled with all packaging and 2 matching tables that you see in their sales booklet anyone know their worth plus a smoked dome for the one serving table

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