Obama’s Ties to Fannie Mae Too Close for Me

There is lots of talk today about Obama’s ties to radical Bill Ayers. I heard a quote on the radio this morning saying that no amount of flags on Obama’s campaign stage can make him seem patriotic. But what about his ties to Fannie Mae, one of the companies that many believe is behind the mortgage meltdown? Do you really think Obama will “change” the system when his biggest financial backers ARE the system? Here’s what Mike Huckabee has to say about it:

While there is plenty of blame and fault to go around for both parties, there really is hard evidence that John McCain tried in vain to get attention focused on the totally absurd lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that are at the heart of the meltdown.  Barack Obama is the second highest recipient of political cash from the big bosses of these entities, and his chief economic advisor Franklin Raines took over $90 million in bonuses from Fannie Mae.  That’s right—$90 MILLION.  Do you really think that Barack Obama will lead “reform” of a system that he has helped grease?

His radical views on when life begins and his priority of protecting abortion rights over the right to life for the unborn are beyond most of even the most extreme leftists.  His work with ACORN, a radical political organization is especially noteworthy in light of the fact that ACORN received over $760 million in “fees” from banks to help push people into “N.I.N.J.A. loans.”  (These are loans made to people with No Income; No Job; and No Assets, thus NINJA loans.)

Imagine Obama as President and Democrats holding majorities in the House and with a possible 60 vote margin Senate.

Goodbye, 2nd amendment rights.

Goodbye, protection for the unborn.

Goodbye, tax breaks.

Goodbye, diligence against state sponsored terrorism from rogue governments like Iran, North Korea, and others.

Goodbye, parental rights as a fundamental right to not be supplanted by the government.

Goodbye, holding traditional marriage as one man, one woman for life.

I’m not ready to accept that.

I’m not either! Tell your friends. Tell your family.


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One response to “Obama’s Ties to Fannie Mae Too Close for Me

  1. Alli Alarming

    I HATE abortion and now he IS the president 😦

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