My Name Twin

Nine and a half months ago I wrote about my first run in with my name twin. Our initial encounter was at my hair salon when a mix-up put us face-to-face. Turned out not only do we have the same name, but we get our hair cut by the same person. So the saga continues.

Two days ago I received some mail. It had those yellow stickers on the front indicating a change of address, which most of our mail still has since we only moved a month ago. I opened it and discovered it wasn’t my mail after all. This mail was for another girl that had a very similar last name and lived a couple of doors down. I felt bad that I had opened her personal mail and decided the best course of action would be to personally deliver it.

So today I took the mail and headed to the house I thought it belonged to. After several minutes of waiting for someone to come to the door, a man wearing nothing but a robe emerged from the garage smoking a pipe. “Is this 101?” I asked. He explained that no, it wasn’t and spent the next several minutes hypothesizing which home was in fact, 101.

I finally managed to break away and walked across the street to a home that was two doors down from my own. I had remembered new people moving in a few weeks ago and figured that must be it. I knocked and a girl in her 20’s opened the door. I explained my mistake, telling her that I have the same last name and live just two doors down. I apologized and she asked my name. When I told her she replied, “that’s my name, too.” Stunned I said, “are you the girl from Wilson’s on Washington?” Yes, that was her.

So now not only do I have a name twin that gets her hair cut by the same guy, but she lives two doors away.


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