Designing my Home Office with Awesome Wallpaper

The home renovation is coming along well. Somehow my home office is just about the last room to get touched. I think it’s because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. My home design style is clean and modern. I like a very small color pallet which is fine when you don’t have a lot of rooms, but we have three bedrooms and three colors for our whole house. The bulk of the house is light gray with dark gray and blue accents. Our workout room will be dark gray. Our bedroom is a beautiful shade of blue. That left my office. I didn’t want to overdo the gray and I wanted to keep the blue for the bedroom. So I started hunting for wallpaper. This is what I’ve decided on.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

The print is called “Darcy” and the color is pearl. I plan to put it up on two parallel walls and then paint the other two walls a matching “pearl” color. And for a desk I’m loving the silver Parson’s desk from West Elm, but I’m not sure it offers enough hiding places for me.  But I think in the end it will be a beautiful room in which to work.

Silver Parsons Desk from West Elm

Silver Parsons Desk from West Elm



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2 responses to “Designing my Home Office with Awesome Wallpaper

  1. Kel

    Looking for inspiration for our bedroom makeover. We decided on gray…I am in LOVE with that wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think wallpaper is great, there are so many fantastic designs available these days, my favourite brands are Harelquin Wallpaper, Sanderson Wallpaper and Graham and Brown Wallpaper, there are not cheap but they are gorgeous designs and are really good quality too. I also buy all of my wallpaper from Decor Supplies, they are a fantastic company to deal with:

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