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Facts About What Caused the Economic Crisis

Please take a few minutes to watch this video. It is eye-opening.


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Designing my Home Office with Awesome Wallpaper

The home renovation is coming along well. Somehow my home office is just about the last room to get touched. I think it’s because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. My home design style is clean and modern. I like a very small color pallet which is fine when you don’t have a lot of rooms, but we have three bedrooms and three colors for our whole house. The bulk of the house is light gray with dark gray and blue accents. Our workout room will be dark gray. Our bedroom is a beautiful shade of blue. That left my office. I didn’t want to overdo the gray and I wanted to keep the blue for the bedroom. So I started hunting for wallpaper. This is what I’ve decided on.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Graham and Brown Wallpaper

The print is called “Darcy” and the color is pearl. I plan to put it up on two parallel walls and then paint the other two walls a matching “pearl” color. And for a desk I’m loving the silver Parson’s desk from West Elm, but I’m not sure it offers enough hiding places for me.  But I think in the end it will be a beautiful room in which to work.

Silver Parsons Desk from West Elm

Silver Parsons Desk from West Elm


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Michelle Obama Wears My Sister’s Dress from White House Black Market

Michelle Obama wearing White House Black Market

Michelle Obama wearing White House Black Market

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but time has escaped me. So as a former TV reporter it pains me to say this is slightly old news, but since there is a part of the story that has never before been revealed, I’m still taking the time to write about it. Back in June Michelle Obama appeared on ABC’s The View wearing a pretty white and black print dress. When the hosts asked her where she bought the dress she told them White House Black Market. The announcement set off a fire storm of requests for the $148 dress. In fact, it quickly sold out. The cool thing is that my sister, a former dress buyer for White House Black Market, is the one that originally got that dress in the stores. So I just had to take a minute to write about my sister’s brush with political fame.

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My First Year of Marriage: A Lovely Adventure

Yesterday we celebrated our one-year anniversary. Although we didn’t do it over a candlelight dinner or a romantic mountain getaway like we may have liked, it was a lovely day. We spent most of it in airports returning from the wedding of a friend back in Iowa. We got home in the evening, hauled trash (including an old toilet) onto a trailer bound for the dump, did laundry and organized our bathroom closet. We did crack into our year-old wedding cake and reminisced about our first year of marriage: a time period described best as a lovely adventure. Here’s a quick recap:

September 2007: The wedding is perfect. I’m talking Bride Magazine, Town and Country perfect. Everything is beautiful, including the weather: partly cloudy with a slight breeze. Being blinded by our haze of perfection we fail to notice a hurricane is headed to our honeymoon destination. We get the scoop from Weather Channel super star Jim Cantore. He’s one of 12 people on our flight to Belize and tells us to get off the plane and drive to Charleston instead. We ignore his advice and once we land we are whisked away by strangers on a single-engine Cessna to Guatemala where we spend two blissful days waiting to see if Belize survives the storm. It does and the rest of our trip continues as planned. I tell my husband that this is pretty much what he should expect life to be like with me. Bizarre happenings that I will write about over and over.

October 2007: It’s a pretty quiet month of getting settled into our new home, redecorating our bedroom, holding a yard sale and drinking lots of coffee. Pumpkin spice lattes to be exact. We take several shopping trips to Atlanta and Charlotte. Our diabetic min pin nearly goes into a coma, but recovers quickly.

November 2007: We spend a wonderful weekend at a cabin in the mountains with friends. Family makes other plans for Thanksgiving so we decide to take a road trip to DC and NYC with friends JJ and Alanna. We eat Thanksgiving dinner in a Denny’s. A mad man in a red scarf tips our table at a Manhattan Starbucks in a fit of rage. Our cab driver’s breath smells like pooh. Alanna tells a man selling fake Louie handbags that she’s an undercover cop. We make it home alive.

December 2007: Holiday season is busy and fun. We fly out to Seattle to spend Christmas with my family, baking cookies, shopping and snowboarding. Tim and I decide to set a $50 limit on presents, but mine is lost in the mail.

January 2008: We start the year off with a trip to Florida to visit Tim’s parents. We buy a flat screen TV from Target. I launch my website, We start looking for a new house.

February 2008: We throw our friend Jennie a huge good-bye party with a Mardi Gras theme. We mistakenly call it “Jennie Gras” which translates into “Fat Jennie.” Oops. Tim cooks me dinner for Valentine’s Day. Tim eats very expired cream cheese from Panera, but thankfully doesn’t get sick. The rest of the month is spent watching our new flat screen. We fall in love with Rob and Big.

March 2008: We embark on our UK Tour 2008, spending almost two weeks in London and Ireland. James Blunt is on our flight to London and I get my picture with him. London is incredible, Ireland is amazing. My favorite moment is getting caught in a downpour and sliding down a hill through sheep poop with my husband. Priceless. We return home and put our house on the market.

April 2008: Tim goes the eye doctor for a free LASIK consultation and passes out giving me the scare of my life. We visit the Billy Graham Library with the in-laws and go rollerskating with friends. For the second year we dress up to watch a polo match in Camden.

May 2008: We celebrate Cinco De Mayo with fake mustaches and lots of friends. Couponing becomes a serious hobby for me. After years of wishing we finally buy a Vespa named Frankie from a guy in Charlotte. Frankie is our new love. We camp out at Dunkin Donuts to win free breakfast for a year.

June 2008: We hit Charleston with a big group of friends for our first beach trip of the summer. My sister gets engaged on an Alaskan glacier during a break from dog sledding. Show off. We hold our second yard sale of the year and blow our earnings on a shopping spree.

July 2008: We spend the fourth in Atlanta staying with friends. The next week we head to Orlando and Tampa for a Christian Booksellers Convention. I meet Nicole C. Mullen and finally accomplish my dream of visiting The Holy Land Experience. We sell our home and put an offer on a new one.

August 2008: We spend six hot days riding scooters across North and South Carolina to raise money for Hydromissions. The trip is a huge success and tons of fun. We close on the sale of our home and purchase another across the street. Friends help us move by carrying each box and piece of furniture across East Faris Road. We spend five days with friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, kayaking, sunbathing and swimming. We return and start working on our new home beginning with the bathroom and basement. We end August with a trip to Iowa to visit my family and be a part of a friend’s wedding. Our year of wedded bliss ends with some frozen wedding cake in our new home.


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