I’ve Been Married 51 Weeks!

I can’t believe I’ve been married nearly a year. Wow. And what a year it’s been. There are so many remnants of our wedding still around. Two days ago I finally threw away the aisle runner that I walked down at the church. I’m not sure why I kept it for 51 weeks just to toss it out.

I’m excited that in one week I’ll finally be able to free up space in the freezer and eat our top layer of cake. I think normally the top layer of a wedding cake is small, but ours could feed about 30 people. I’m not sure why we kept the ENTIRE top layer, but we did, including the decorative coffee cup that sat on top. I’m not even sure if that part is edible.

Then there’s the issue of my wedding dress. My beautiful, expensive, wedding dress. It spent 50 weeks or so crammed into my husband’s closet. He has more available space than I do in any of my three closets. I think you are supposed to have your dress professionally cleaned, wrapped and boxed. But since we moved last week my wedding dress has been laying on a chair in the workout/dog kennel room.

I am torn between being a sentimental person who feels obligated to cherish things like your wedding dress or aisle runner and being completely against holding on to anything that has no useful purpose. Even when my husband lost his wedding ring, I wasn’t completely crushed. I know that these are just things but it’s still hard to let go of anything that is tied to that beautiful, wonderful, perfect day 51 weeks ago.


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  1. Alanna

    Ali, you are in incredible writer. I truly enjoy reading all of your posts and even more – getting to know you more and more over the last 51..er.. 79 and counting! I love you, friend! Congrats 🙂

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