He Left His Ring in Kitty Hawk

This has been the summer of traveling and change, for sure. In the past month we have gone on a tour of the Carolina’s on mopeds, moved to a new house, sold our old house, and most recently, took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A dozen friends chipped in to rent a beach house. We worked on our tans, made dinner together and shared some memories. Overall the trip was great, although is started off pretty rough. After being on his finger 11 months, 14 days and about 11 hours, my husband’s wedding ring decided to spend some time at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently the chilly water caused Tim’s ring finger to shrink and a rough game of ocean football made an easy escape for the ring. I will admit, I cried a little. Not because I was mad at him, it’s just kind of sad when you think about the symbolism and sentimental value a ring holds.

After some prayer, and communal sadness my husband and I decided that somehow this would turn into a great story that I will write about and then sell for lots of money in the future. Until then, we spent the rest of the vacation drawing rings on his finger with permanent marker.

Waving at The Point in the Outer Banks

Waving at The Point in the Outer Banks

While the loss of the wedding ring was kind of sad, we did make some very happy memories in the Atlantic Ocean. Like this one where we decided to be a little crazy. You can probably tell what we are holding in our hands, but before raising our swimsuit flags in the air, we made sure no one was near. I think that’s why when we saw this picture we were surprised to see two men not far behind us and that one of them seems to be revealing far more than my husband and I did. So although my husband left his ring in Kitty Hawk, we took plenty of memories back home with us.



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4 responses to “He Left His Ring in Kitty Hawk

  1. My husband is on band number three. The first was left when he took it off on our vacation to Washington DC and NY – he did every morning when he put his facial lotion on. He slid it in his pocket to put the lotion on and because we ran out so quickly, he forgot to put it back on. Fast forward to going through security when he tossed the remnants of his pocket (mostly change and of course the wedding ring) into a basket so he could go through the metal detector – he gave up on waiting to pick it up on the other end because the line was SO long – he thought to himself, “it was only change”. Yeah I cried a bit too … but he got another one that was exactly the same. I think part of the problem is that his is TOO light – it’s Titanium and he didn’t realize it was in there until we were all the way through Philly.

    The other time he lost it … no clue how it happened … probably the same way. Now … he puts lotion on with the ring on.

    I tell him that it’s a good thing it was him and not me because his is cheap in comparison … but still … a little sad when the first one went away.

  2. Trisha

    awwwwe… very sad. I would cry too. Symbolism is huge. Interestingly, one month before Ben and I celebrated our 1 year… my ring finger started to break out in blisters and swell. I had to wear my wedding ring on my other hand… two weeks in, that finger broke out in blisters and swelled… now I can’t wear my wedding ring at all. I’ve had the ring cleaned and coated and I still get the same reaction. So they sit in the box they came in. Once in a while, I buck up and endure the itchiness the blisters bring and wear my ring. It’s just too beautiful not to wear. And Ben, well, he tears up everytime he thinks of me not wearing the symbol of our unity. Me too.

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  4. Abby

    Clark lost his ring, in the Gulf of Mexico, also during a game of catch. The good news is…my cousin actually found it. The better news is…and I’m sure this applies to you…the ring is just a symbol of love. But true love is never lost.
    Hope all is well,

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