I Just Rode 1145 Miles on a Vespa

Tim and I just returned from a six day, two state journey over 1145 miles. Our Vespa trip was to raise money for Hydromissions. You can read all about it at www.2Wheels4Water.com. We raised over $3,000 to help bring water pumps to third world countries. While we feel like our trip was a success we sure are glad to be back!

Yesterday we were in Rock Hill, South Carolina where The Herald caught up with us for a story. The newspaper edition looks great, but we checked out their website and found this photo. Tim pointed out that it looks more like an artist’s rendering of us.

The Herald

The Herald


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One response to “I Just Rode 1145 Miles on a Vespa

  1. ha ha ha… that’s what you get when you take a dark photo and have to resort to photoshops ‘brightness’ effect… Tim looks like an 80’s posterchild… kind of a david bowie eye effect…

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