Singing with Jeremy Camp and Nicole C. Mullen

Tim and I arrived in Orlando today for the 59th annual Christian Booksellers Association Convention. We spent a few sweaty hours setting up the booth for Ambassador International. After getting cleaned up at the hotel we hit International Drive in Orlando for some dinner. Then we hopped on a bus back to the convention center for a free show. There were some great performances by Nicole C. Mullen (My Redeemer) and Jeremy Camp. But to our surprise one of our favorite moments was listening to Christmas music from the Annie Moses Band. They are a talented family of musicians and a few of them can really rock out a violin.

Nicole C. Mullens

Nicole C. Mullens

Jeremy Camp Performs at CBA

Jeremy Camp Performs at CBA

Jeremy Camp has a new album coming out soon. He has an amazing testimony and fire for God. I’m really excited to hear all of the songs on his new album. Tomorrow the convention kicks off. It should be fun. Kirk Cameron is signing a book. You’ve got to check out Kirk’s website— he has the Growing Pains theme song on it!! You can bet I’ll be at that booth. Stay tuned for pictures!


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