My Dog is Smart- At Least I Think So

My dog enjoying the view at Dupont State ForestI love my dog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that dresses their puppies up like people (on a daily basis) or cooks their dinner every night. But I do love my little man. I will defend his intelligence for hours. I’ve seen his jealous side and his grouchy side. He once tried to alert me in the middle of the night that my roommate’s car was being jacked in the driveway (I yelled at him to be quiet.) I’ve seen looks of terror cross his face (when we chased him with a remote control Mini) and I’ve seen looks of joy. I’ve uncovered his sneakiness and discovered his nervous habit (scratching his armpits.)

But there is one thing that I do not understand.

Why does my dog bark every single time the dryer buzzes? I’ve known Bruno for seven years and throughout that seven years I’ve dried a lot of clothes. Never once has he missed a buzz. Does he think it’s the doorbell? It really sounds nothing like a doorbell, but I’m just searching for an explanation. Is he reinforcing the announcement that the clothes are dry? Maybe it’s like Pavlov’s bell. My dog has just been conditioned to bark when he knows the dryer cycle is complete. Others may see this has a sign of his lack of intelligence. I disagree. My dog is smart. At least I think so.


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One response to “My Dog is Smart- At Least I Think So

  1. Tim

    Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Ruff.

    HAHA I love little man too.

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