The Runaway Puppy

It’s been a traumatic morning. Tim asked me to pick up breakfast for him from Dunkie D’s and drop it by his office on my way to work. I had just picked up our muffins and coffees and was heading down Laurens Road when I saw one the most heartbreaking images: a little dog running his heart out in front of traffic down a busy street. I was terrified. I imagined my own little confused, scared Bruno in the same situation. I put on my hazards, jumped out of the car and started running after the little guy. No luck. He was too fast. I ran back to my car and tried to catch up to him. The traffic was thick since it was early morning rush hour. I was honking my horn trying to alert other drivers so they would see this little pup. I quickly pulled over two more times and tried to catch him, but still no luck.

By this time traffic all around me was crawling because the dog was running down the middle of two lanes. I jumped out again, leaving my car parked in the right lane. I was dodging cars and trying to keep up in my sandals. I remember another young girl running with me to try to catch the dog. She even stopped to take off her sandals since she thought she could be faster in bare feet. A person in a green BMW blocked cars and a man in a truck waved traffic to a halt. We were all trying to help this poor little animal. Then the dog took off into the Historic Richland Cemetery. I followed him in and tried to coax him to me with some of my low-fat blueberry muffin. It didn’t work.

By now I had been chasing this little dog for a good thirty minutes. My husband called wondering where I was. I told him the situation and he quickly offered to call Animal Control. I tried one more time to convince the pup I wasn’t out to harm him, but it was no use. He took off running toward the back of the cemetery. I tried to close the cemetery gates to keep him contained inside, but I couldn’t get them to budge. I said a prayer, trusting the Lord would keep his precious creation safe and I left. I was sad to leave, not knowing what might happen to him, but I felt a little better knowing he was out of the dangerous traffic and that so many people had stopped to help.


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