At Home and Lonely

Tonight is “man night” which means my husband is off hanging with the guys and doing manly things like eating meat. My friend MG and I got pedicures and did a little shopping but I’m home now and Tim is still off on his mini-mancation. Not too many months ago this would have been a welcomed evening of solitude, but tonight something is different. To be honest, I miss my husband! What’s happening to me? I spent years being completely content by myself and suddenly I have become addicted to having my best friend by my side. The couch feels awfully big without him here. The only nice thing about man night is that I can watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight instead of CSI.



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2 responses to “At Home and Lonely

  1. Thanks for joining our contest. Really great site. Oh, weddings and love… really hot topics! Will come back soon.


  2. I agree with you 100%. Hubby and I just married a few months ago and I hate when he is gone. He is a Marine so he is gone a weekend a month playing with the guys. I thought at first that would be a great time to get the girl time in, but not so much. I really do miss him and love our few and far between “us” time. Life is so congested with so many distractions that “we” time is very important.


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