Covert Lawn Care

We live in a beautiful part of Greenville, South Carolina, known for its historic homes and manicured landscaping. I would say 95% of the homes are well-kept, beautiful masterpieces that look like they are lifted from the pages of Southern Homes magazine. Most of them. Except the one next door to us.

In defense of our neighbors, they are renters. And I can remember renting a house back in college where we did not mow the lawn until we received a violation notice from the city of Ames. It seemed that our neighbors did not own a lawnmower or even a pair of clippers. So being the obsessive compulsive people we are, my husband and I would mow their yard when they weren’t home and clip the bushes that were on our side of the house.

Well last week our neighbors moved out. Last night we descended on Operation Lawn Care. We mowed, trimmed and snipped for about 45 minutes. The finished product would have been a lot better if my extension cord was longer, allowing me to use the electric hedge clippers, but it’s better than it was. “Do you think we’ll get in trouble?” my husband wondered. I’m not sure what the charge would be, maybe illegal weed whacking? reckless mowing?


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