Our Scooter Adventure

Tim and I are planning a big adventure this summer. Since tickets to Costa Rica have skyrocketed and gas prices make another road trip to NYC cost as much as a real Chanel bag we decided to think outside of the box. We are organizing a charity ride across North and South Carolina to help out a cause we love: Hydro missions. Oh, and we’re doing the entire thing on scooters.

On the scooter

We’ve already solicited corporate sponsors, started shooting a video, and set up a website, but we realized we had never ridden longer than the distance to a coffee shop on our Vespa. So today we boarded Frankie and hit the road for the mountains.

Me and Tim on the scooter

We had to gas up first. It’s the only time during the past six months that I haven’t felt agony at the pump watching my hard earned cash flowing away. We filled Frankie for less than five bucks.

gas prices

We traveled about 50 miles to the beautiful little town of Saluda where we had lunch at the Saluda Grade Cafe. The place was pretty packed for 2pm on a Sunday so we shared a table with a couple of Harley guys, Dick and Dean, who had also driven up from Greenville.

Scooter in Saluda

I drove the leg from Saluda to Tryon, following curvy mountain roads. We stopped so I could snap a shot of this cool old motel sign. And then we took a little break in Tryon to share an ice cream cone.

Tryon Motel Sign

ice cream in Tryon

We made it back and ended up logging about 100 miles. We plan to do about double that every day for a week during our event I will admit, my butt was S-O-R-E. But the trip was a blast and I can’t wait for the main event this summer.


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  1. sounds like so much fun. I want to ride the Blueridge Parkway on a scooter. Ithink that would be a great ride. hope to try it some time

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