A Dream Come True- Holding the Keys to a Vespa

After years of wishing and months of shopping we are now the proud owners of a Vespa. Isn’t Frankie cute?

Frankie the VespaFrankie the Vespa

Frankie started out as a set of wheels for a multi-millionaire developer to cruise around on in his Charlotte neighborhood. One day a bad man stole Frankie. But that bad man was also pretty stupid. He took Frankie to the Charlotte Vespa dealership to repair the damage he had done in the process of the heist. It turned out to be a fatal mistake though because the owner of the Vespa dealership recognized Frankie, knew he had been stolen and called the police to organize a bust.

Frankie the VespaFrankie the Vespa

Anyway, long story short, the Vespa dealer owner ended up buying Frankie, pumping some big bucks into him and then selling him to us. So now after years of dreaming and months of shopping, Frankie is ours!


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