I’m the Champion!!

Grocery receiptI’m sort of competitive. And by sort of competitive I mean really competitive. I’ve devised this mission to overtake my neighborhood Publix by saving more than I spend. Today I became the champion. Once my cans were scanned, my produce weighed and my bread bagged, the register spit out my two-foot long receipt and revealed that I had indeed come out on top. I payed a grand total of $50.44. BUT, using my method of wants and needs and leveraging coupons, I saved $51.71.

Grocery receipt

Now you may think my game is stupid and that’s fine. But I only paid $3.25 for two boxes of Fiber One cereal, items that would normally ring in at $7.98. As for the $1.67 can of baked beans? Only $.67 thank you very much. And the $3.05 tube of tooth paste only cost me $1.00.

Just because I’m one of those people that hands the cashier a stack of coupons that takes just as long to ring through as my groceries doesn’t mean I’m cheap. It just means I prefer to spend my money on other things (like shoes and trips) rather than toothpaste and tater Grocery receipttots.



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2 responses to “I’m the Champion!!

  1. mg

    Seriously… That is awesome 🙂

  2. Me too – I get a sick sense of joy at seeing the “You Saved __” at the bottom of my Safeway receipts.

    Also, if you’re looking for deals – check out my blog, http://www.dealio.com/blog.



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