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How People End Up On My Blog

I find it mildly entertaining to see what people search for to end up on my blog. There are people looking for DIY grocery bags, honeymoon tips, and information on being a seat-filler for awards shows. A lot of people lately have been searching for “heart coffee” which I do not know the meaning of. It makes me smile to see that someone was searching for “Jason Mraz” and ended up on Honeymoon Phase because in my mind it might be Jason Googling himself only to find my little blog about singing a duet with my husband to his song “Lucky.”  But hands down the most searches revolve around expired cream cheese. So that means if it weren’t for Panera Bread serving my husband extremely expired cream cheese then I would have fewer readers. I guess everything does happen for a reason.


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We are Just Like Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz

My new goal in life is to sing a duet with my husband, not in public, not in front of an audience, just he and I singing our little hearts out. I don’t want to sing just any song. I want to sing “Lucky” off Jason Mraz’s new album. It’s such a fun, cute song. We’ve been practicing in the car on our way to church or running errands. I found this video on YouTube of Jason singing it with another girl at one of his concerts. Maybe we’ll get good enough to post our own YouTube performance of “Lucky.”

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Scooters are Invading Greenville

Marco and MIchelle ScooterYes, scooters seem to be popping up all over town. I hear them buzzing by my office window. I see them congregating downtown. And now our good friends Marco and Michelle have joined the club. This weekend they picked up a Genuine Buddy in burnt orange. It is so cool. We went for our first group ride around Greenville last night. It was so fun scooting around town. And not to mention, it’s super cheap entertainment. Don’t worry, they’re getting helmets.

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Our Scooter Adventure

Tim and I are planning a big adventure this summer. Since tickets to Costa Rica have skyrocketed and gas prices make another road trip to NYC cost as much as a real Chanel bag we decided to think outside of the box. We are organizing a charity ride across North and South Carolina to help out a cause we love: Hydro missions. Oh, and we’re doing the entire thing on scooters.

On the scooter

We’ve already solicited corporate sponsors, started shooting a video, and set up a website, but we realized we had never ridden longer than the distance to a coffee shop on our Vespa. So today we boarded Frankie and hit the road for the mountains.

Me and Tim on the scooter

We had to gas up first. It’s the only time during the past six months that I haven’t felt agony at the pump watching my hard earned cash flowing away. We filled Frankie for less than five bucks.

gas prices

We traveled about 50 miles to the beautiful little town of Saluda where we had lunch at the Saluda Grade Cafe. The place was pretty packed for 2pm on a Sunday so we shared a table with a couple of Harley guys, Dick and Dean, who had also driven up from Greenville.

Scooter in Saluda

I drove the leg from Saluda to Tryon, following curvy mountain roads. We stopped so I could snap a shot of this cool old motel sign. And then we took a little break in Tryon to share an ice cream cone.

Tryon Motel Sign

ice cream in Tryon

We made it back and ended up logging about 100 miles. We plan to do about double that every day for a week during our event I will admit, my butt was S-O-R-E. But the trip was a blast and I can’t wait for the main event this summer.

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The Entertainment Value of an Ant Farm

ant farmant farmant farmI’m not really sure why, but I got my husband an ant farm for his birthday last month. We sent away for some ants and yesterday they arrived. We carefully dumped them out of their carrying case and into their new home. There’s something so fascinating about an ant farm. Today I found myself getting up from writing just to go see what progress the ants had made. They are working on developing their network of tunnels and exploring their new home. The only thing is, the instructions didn’t say anything about what to feed them. Hmm.

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I’m 29. No Really.

I will never again celebrate a birthday in my 20’s. Last week May 15 rolled around and I turned 29. It’s that age people seem to sit at for a while. My sister told people she was 29 for four years. I don’t think I’ll do that, but it is kind of hard for me to get my mind around the fact that I am 29. I guess I keep waiting to feel the wisdom of age or the maturity of nearly three decades of life. Although I’m sure I have much to learn, I do know a few things.

I know that despite something I’ve been told over and over, high school or even college was not the best time of my life.

I know that losing someone you love does not get easier despite the passing of time.

I know that I was blessed to have parents that taught me that credit cards are evil and debt is dumb.

I know that the times in my life when I have taken the biggest risks have ALWAYS given me the best rewards.

I know that even though it’s been over ten years since accepting the Lord as my personal Savior I still don’t know how to speak Christian-ese, I still don’t understand everything I read in my Bible and I still don’t understand most Christians, but I do feel more blessed and loved than words can describe.

I know that God brings the perfect person to you in His perfect time.

I know that no one has ever made me laugh like my husband does.

I know life is too short to waste time on things that you hate.

I know that I have a lot more to experience, to learn and to enjoy.

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Why I’ll Probably Be Eating at Dunkin’ Donuts for the Next Year

I sure as heck didn’t do it for the cheese and egg biscuits. I didn’t do it for the donuts. I didn’t even do it for the coffee. I spent the night in a Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru in order to win free breakfast for a year just to say I did it. Our friend Marco convinced us to participate. So Tuesday night we loaded up lawn chairs, a sleeping bag and some Cookie Crisp cereal and headed over to the newly built Dunkin’ Donuts on Wade Hampton Blvd. A bunch of friends joined us for the experience. Here are some pics.

This was our motivation…

The motivation

The night begins… 8:44pm

Two couples on a Dunkin\' Donuts Mission

The arrival of Alanna and JJ… 10:14pm

Alanna and JJ at Dunkin\' Donuts

Looking for trouble… 11:09pm

Outside Dunkin\' Donuts

Time for a little nap… 12:35am

Mike outside Dunkin\' Donuts

Victory!!! 4:04am

Free Dunkin\' Donuts breakfast for a year


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