DIY Canvas Grocery Bags

In another attempt to be Earth-friendly, I am trying to use canvas grocery bags. I picked up a three-pack of blank ones for a few bucks at Hobby Lobby a while back. Then I got some fabric spray paint and recruited my husband to help design the bags. Here’s a look at our Saturday afternoon art project.

1. Make a stencil. Tim cut his out free-hand. I found a couple of picture of birds on the Internet and just cut them out.

Tim\'s free-form stencil

Birds for the bag

2. Paint the bags. This was the fun part. We only had three colors: orange, pink and yellow. We would like to do it again or maybe make t-shirts, but stock up on some new colors.

fabric paint

Tim painting his canvas bag

my painted birds

3. Get creative. We started looking for other objects to incorporate. We used wooden skewers (from the kitchen) to create different designs.

creative canvas bag

4. Unveil the finished product. We love the way they turned out and we actually put them to use today when we went grocery shopping.

Finished canvas grocery bag

Tim\'s cross design

Tim\'s stencil bag


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  1. I’m such a DIY junkie, and I love this idea. I’ll be trying it really soon. Thanks 🙂 xx

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