A Blast From the Past- Rollerskating

Skatetown USA on White Horse Road in Greenville, SC is a happening place to be on Monday nights. (Can’t you tell by the photos??) But if you wait until the elementary school kids head home to get ready for bed, the real fun starts. Tim and I laced up to join some friends for a night of rolling around and around in circles.

RollerskatingTim RollerskatingRollerskating

It brought back lots of 80’s and early 90’s memories of air hockey, hokie pokie, the chicken dance and couple skating at the RollerRama in Sioux City, Iowa. For some reason, it seems like all rollerskating rinks look the same. The only thing they’ve updated in the last few decades is the carpet. They ripped out the orange carpet and replaced it with the trendier, glow-in-the-dark printed stuff. At least they kept the cool light fixtures, although I wouldn’t mind having one of those in my house. It was Tim’s first time on old-school skates. By the third song he traded them in for his own Rollerblades, but I stuck with the four-wheeled, front stopper skates. Even those aching feet made me feel like I was back at the RollerRama again.


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