Better Than Cash- Free Coffee at Starbucks

I feel I am now a target for muggers. I hold in my possession a card that entitles me to free coffee at Starbucks every Wednesday through May 28. I know you’re jealous!! My husband picked this up for me yesterday when he was taking advantage of the free coffee Starbucks handed out for a half-hour to promote the new Pike Place Roast.
I may start paying for my coffee with gift cards from now on. I’ve always thought this was a pretty good idea- load up $20 at the beginning of the month and when it runs out, my coffee fun is over. But now Starbucks is giving us more reasons to pay for our coffee with the Starbucks gift card:

  • Syrup and milk options for your beverage on the house.
  • Brewed coffee refills at no charge.
  • Complimentary tall beverage with a whole bean purchase.

Nice, huh? Thanks a latte, Starbucks!


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