Why Does the AARP Want Me??

I don’t know much about the AARP, but I thought since they are the American Association of Retired Persons that being a member required, oh I don’t know- retirement? That’s why I was surprised to find this in my mailbox yesterday.

Yes, it’s an AARP membership card. The letter enclosed says a one year membership is only $12.50 and it comes with great benefits like a subsription to AARP The Magazine, discounts on travel and other services, and access to health-related benefits. The letter says it will help me make the most of life over 50. But the thing is, I’m 28. I’m thinking about sending in my $12.50 just so I can be a true card-carrying member of the AARP. Afterall, in just three-and-a-half decades I will be retired.


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