A Seeing-Impaired Min Pin: Heartbreaking and a Little Bit Funny

p2201191.jpgThe vet warned me this could happen. After my 11-year-old Min Pin Bruno was diagnosed with diabetes back in September, we were told that cataracts would be a likely side effect. But I didn’t know it would come so quickly. After we returned from Ireland I started noticing odd things. Bruno wouldn’t always look right at me and he was bumping into furniture. This weekend we realized just how bad his vision is becoming.

We took him for a walk and he was completely disoriented. He ran into curbs, got scared of birds that were fifty feet away and nearly ran into a glass door. I really can’t think for very long about the fact that he is elderly in dog terms because then I start thinking about losing him and that makes me cry. He’s my little hairy man and I love him. I have so much compassion for him even though it’s been seven years since I found him darting through traffic back in Iowa. I still think of him as a skinny, scared little dog that needs to be rescued.

Surviving any traumatic event in life requires a sense of humor and that’s how we’ve tried to approach Bruno’s vision loss. I never want to see him hurt himself, but I have to admit, it’s a little funny when he misjudges the distance to the couch and ends up only getting about half his body on it. Then he clings to the couch like a rock climber clinging to a cliff, struggling to hoist the rest of his body onto the cushions.

Yesterday I let him out to the bathroom and after he was done he came charging back to the door as always. But he was running right towards a metal stake in the ground used to tie up my mom’s dog. I wanted to yell out and warn him but I couldn’t do it in time and the poor little man ran right into it. Now he sticks to the property line and won’t cut through the grass. I guess he’ll learn to deal with his new disability and we’ll have to as well.


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