I’ve Succumed to Skinny Jeans

skinny-jeans.jpgApparently there is only one store in the world where I can find skinny pants that I actually like. It’s an Urban Outfitters in London and I always snag them on the sale rack. The first time I was in London back in December of 2006 I got a black pair and I must admit I haven’t worn them at that much. But when I returned to this Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago I found a pair of skinny jeans on that same sale rack. I’ve tried to squeeze into pants like this before but I thought they looked horrible on me since I’m slightly vertically challenged and no where near super model thin. But somehow this store must be a bit magical because I found a pair I like. I’m wearing them today. They are quite comfortable and only cost me 5GBP! Even with the scary exchange rate that only equals out to be $10 which made me think that even if I’m never brave enough to wear my skinny jeans that will be ok. But I’m feeling brave.



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3 responses to “I’ve Succumed to Skinny Jeans

  1. paola

    where did u get your skinny jeans at?

  2. chak

    oooooooooo sexy

  3. Oh my god those are like the cutest skinny jeans ever where did they ever get those from!

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